When baking with sticky ingredients such as honey or corn syrup. Spray your measuring cup with nonstick spray before adding in the honey. The sticky honey will slide right out!
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Strawberry Dream
Strawberry Dream

Recipes for Cakes
Healthy Homemade Cake Recipes

Recipes4cakes strives to supply you with the most complete list of healthy homemade cake recipes on the internet today. If you're looking for that perfect recipe for chocolate cake, you've certainly come to the right place, but why not bake something NEW for your family this week! Browse through a few of our healthy homemade cake recipes. With HUNDREDS of delicious tested recipes to choose from, we are sure you'll find one suited to your taste buds.

Caramel Apple Cake Upside Down
Caramel Apple Upside Down Cake


Nothing says "celebrate" like freshly baked desserts (think cakes), especially when they're heart-healthy. So settle in and treat yourself.

Enjoy a slice of flavorful, Caramel Apple Upside Down Cake made with Granny Smith apples, sunflower seeds, and pure coconut oil. You'll love that it only has 291 calories per serving!

If you stick with healthier recipes—and less-frequent, reasonable portions—you can have your cake and eat it too! Most recipes can be altered to be a much healthier option. Try using whole grain flours, healthier cooking oils and real fruit spreads instead of the highly processed versions we have all become so accustomed to.


Now, let's get down to basics…. If you're thinking of serving a special treat for the holidays, birthday, anniversary, or just a simple dessert for after dinner, can anything fit the bill better than CAKE? Of course not! There are just too many wonderful recipes and flavor combinations in today's world to even try and resist.

If watching your fat intake, SPONGE CAKE is the smart and healthy choice. It is easy to prepare, and full of more air than calories. Several well beaten egg whites, will give this cake a delightful spongy affect when baked with flour, sugar, soda, and a dash of salt.

If you're not worried about calories, then go for a homemade CHEESECAKE. It's wonderfully rich and tasty. Full of cream cheese, eggs, sugar, Borden's condensed milk, and baked in a graham cracker crust. What could be better?

And then there's CHOCOLATE CAKE , deep, rich, lovely chocolate. If you took a survey of people who hate chocolate, the count would most assuredly be under one tenth of one percent. So how can you fail in baking a chocolate cake for friends and family?

In the fall season when fruits are in abundance, there are all sorts of fruit you can add to upside down cakes. Delicious peach, apple, pear, prune, and apricot flavors add to the taste of FRUITCAKE. (And I don't mean dried fruit in those horrid Christmas cakes.) Raspberry, huckleberry, boysenberry, cherry, etc., are also great tastes to savor in our homemade cake recipes.

In today's modern cookbooks, on the internet, or in viewing television's favorite cooking programs, one can easily find the perfect dessert recipe for any occasion. So go straight to the kitchen and rattle those baking dishes back into good use. Your family will love these delicious cakes. Here at recipes for cakes we strive to have all the best homemade cake recipes and plenty of tips and hints to help you create the cake of your dreams.

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Tips for Healthy Homemade Cakes

When Baking with Butter:

Room temperature butter in the cake batter is one of the biggest cake baking mistakes. In fact, butter must be below 68° to trap air molecules and build structure. Otherwise, the fat will liquefy and the cake will be flat. To get “cool” butter, cut the chilled butter into chunks and let it sit in a bowl for 5 minutes before beating.

When Mixing Cake Batter:

You cannot over beat the eggs, sugar and butter, but you can over beat the flour. If you do, gluten will form and you will be making a quick bread instead of layer cake. Beat the flour just until there are no visible signs of dry flour, but not until the batter is completely smooth.

Cake Flour:

Cake flour is milled from soft wheat that has a lower gluten content and higher starch content than all-purpose flour. It helps to ensure a fluffy texture in cakes and pastries. A substitute for cake flour is to use all-purpose flour, but reduce the amount by 2 tablespoons per cup.

Green Food:

The food choices that we make every day have a profound effect on the environment. From farm to spoon, growing our food, processing it and transporting it all use tremendous amounts of energy, water and chemicals. By making just a few small changes in our eating and buying habits, we can greatly reduce this impact. When we eat green, we help the environment by reducing global warming pollution and help ourselves by eating fresh and healthy food. Eat local from farmers in your own neighborhood!